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Five big teams; five managers with even bigger egos. That’s how the English Premier League is shaping up this season – not just as a battle of teams and players, but now more than ever, a battle between those in charge.
Bookmakers Ladbrokes has assessed five of the top gaffers gracing the Premier League this season: Antonio Conte of Chelsea, Claudio Ranieri of Leicester City, Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool, Pep Guardiola of Manchester City, and Jose Mourinho of Manchester United.

How do their past successes compare? In terms of games won, experience, and of course that all-important trophy horde, who looks the most likely to come out on top of the Battle of the Managers this season?

Win percentage

Of the 766 games Mourinho has been in charge for throughout his illustrious career, he’s won 65.6%. Quite the record, but not unbeatable, as it’s former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager Guardiola who tops this particular category.

Winning an astonishing 74.4% of the 451 games he’s managed, he tops this section of Ladbrokes’ tool. At the other end of the scale, it’s Claudio Ranieri who has won the lowest proportion of games managed out of these gaffers, with just 47.2%.

However, the Leicester City manager has in fact managed more games than any other boss included here, having been in charge for more than twice the number of games that Guardiola has.

Personal accolades

Sometimes, it’s the individual awards that matter most, despite football being a team game. Once again it’s Pep Guardiola who comes out on top here, earning four Manager of the Season Awards throughout his managerial career.

However, it’s Antonio Conte nipping at Guardiola’s heels this time, with three awards to his name. The Blues boss took a two-year break from club management to sit at the helm of the Italian national team, begging the question – could he have earned another award had he stayed on as manager of Juventus?

Leicester’s Ranieri unfortunately sits at the wrong end of this table too, with only one Manager of the Season Award under his belt. Despite this, he has the virtue of being the latest manager to receive this award in the Premier League, coming as part of Leicester’s title-winning campaign last season.

With some of the most decorated and revered managers in the world featuring in the Premier League this season, the eventual winners of the competition are far from certain. And if the managers’ stats weren’t enough to go off, Ladbrokes’ odds on the potential League winners give a further insight into who the favourites just might be.
With Manchester City currently topping the table and the odds, they’re 10/11 favourites to lift the trophy, while it’s Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool who are second with Ladbrokes, at 4/1. Leicester meanwhile, are currently outside the top five favourites to achieve league success at 250/1.